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Proper maintenance of VCT Tile
by: Paul

Proper maintenance of VCT tile depends greatly on your geographical location, and the level of traffic your floor receives. Here in South Florida, the elements play a big part in the maintenance of your VCT tile floor; the sand, rain, and other contaminants affect the way you should maintain your floor. Proper maintenance of your VCT tile floors will insure their longevity.

For a busy medical practice, for instance, we recommend the following:

  • Annual floor strip and wax (4 to 5 coats)
  • Semi annual floor maintenance - Scrub and recoat floors (2 coats)
  • Monthly floor maintenance Scrub and buff
  • Daily floor maintenance sweep, mop with a wax friendly cleaner

Floor mats, especially in South Florida, are necessary to catch dust, sand and other particles that could damage or scratch the surface of your floors. To insure a clean look of your floors, and increase its longevity, always hire an experienced company to maintain your VCT tile floors.

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Article date: Feb. 17 2011

Job type: Floor Waxing

Job Location: Fort Lauderdale - Broward County


  • Proper Floor Care
  • VCT Tile Floor
  • South Florida
  • Floor Maintenance
  • Strip And Wax
  • Daily Floor Maintenance
  • Experience Company

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