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The challenges of cleaning high rise condominiums in South Florida
by: Paul

Cleaning a high-rise condominium is particularly challenging. In South Florida the sun, sand, humidity, rain and other elements affect how we clean and how we maintain a building clean. Without the proper cleaning strategy and employees, it can quickly become a nightmare for the condo owner's association.

This was the case for a beautiful high rise condominium located on the beach of Fort Lauderdale. The condo owner’s association used an in-house cleaning crew which was unable to keep up with the work. They were experiencing high staff turnover, and the residents where starting to complain about the lack of attention to detail in the cleaning.

The association called onto All County Maintenance to perform an assessment of their janitorial needs and we responded promptly. Handling the cleaning and janitorial needs of your high-rise building in-house can sometimes save you money but is time consuming and far from perfect; in most cases you will save money by outsourcing your cleaning needs to a specialized company which will relieve the burden of employee and quality control management.

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Article date: Dec. 09 2010

Job type: Condominium Janitorial

Job Location: Fort Lauderdale - Broward County


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  • High Rise
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  • Janitorial
  • Complaints
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